New Trip 2019

New 2019 Trip

Channel Islands, california

Celebrate Bonnie Row; ACS

​JULY 10-17,2019

2018 Trip is FULL

New TRIP 2019

2018 Trip is FULL


DFAC with Mako

May 2018

LaPaz, Mexico

Dano Krahling/Mako Spearguns

and Baja Adventure Co

May 25-31, 2018

4 spots left!!

New Trips planned for 2019!

DFAC with Mako October 2018​​

LaPaz, Mexico

Dano Krahling/Mako Spearguns

and ​Baja Adventure Co

October 23-29, 2018

DFAC in Italy 2019

Sept 29-Oct 6, 2019

Benefit for Dynamocamp

A very special camp for children

New Zealand​​​​

Joe Burke of Musa Dive Expeditions

February 1-10, 2019

10 day trip  New Zealand

Louisiana Gulf​August 2-7,2017

     Capt Trey Talbot

Each participant can purchase their team shirt here for the community service projects. Shipping is FREE! 100% of the proceeds go to the donations of the school supplies and books brought on every trip.