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As a charitable organization, DFAC provides two types of services. Our first service objective is to serve impoverished communites by working with needy children, supplying food, school supplies, and community improvements at no cost. Our second service objective is to provide a means for spearfishermen to give back to those in need, using their unique skills

Local food donations

With a team of spearfisherman, we can donate several hundred pounds of fish to the locals, harvested over several days of diving. By selectively choosing the right species of fish to share, we can avoid over fished species and that will help to ensure healthy sustainable fish stocks.

Diving For A Cause has hosted spearfishing trips across the globe. There is such a need in all of our destinations, supporting  local schools, orphanages, and food banks. 

What do we do?

Diving For A Cause donates the harvested fish back to the communities where these resources are used to fill the freezers in food banks, orphanages or schools. 

At every destination at least two days will be devoted to the community. We might be planting trees, participating in group community projects, refurbishing the schools with a fresh coat of paint, or even repairing desks. As part of our Fitness Program, the DFAC team promotes athleticism with the supply of sports equipment to low income schools. Along with the refurbishing of their playing fields, it has been effective in encouraging more youth participation in sports. In our one-on-one youth mentoring, DFAC participants coach young children in snorkeling and diving techniques. By opening their world to the ocean, these children learn about the aquatic wonders so close to their homes. As part of our Literacy Program, DFAC participants give a precious gift to children at each destination. Individual backpacks full of English or bilingual early learning to read books are given to each child to enhance educational growth and learning. Writing tablets, pens, markers and crayons are also included to help develop their writing skills with tools of their very own. Divers and non divers spend time writing and reading with the children,providing an opportunity for each one to use their new books and school supplies and ask questions.

We also wanted to give back locally so DFAC hosts charity fundraisers every year. 

We host one of our fundraising activities here on the west coast in August with a Spearfishing event to the Channel Islands. DFAC is donating the net proceeds to Ovarian Cancer research in honor of Bonnie Row, an accomplished diver, who represented the USA in the World Spearfishing Championships in Chili. In previous events, DFAC also partners with Food Share, Ventura County's Food Bank  and helps to feed needy families with the gift of the fish that is harvested. In New Orleans we will support Second Harvest Food Bank. So many families are fed with the donation of fresh harvested fish that the DFAC team secures. In Italy, we partner with Dynamo Camp, a subsidiary of the Paul Newman's camps in US, providing an opportunity for children suffering from serious pathologies, mainly once-hematological, neurological and diabetic to enjoy an unbelievable week at camp, at no cost. A therapeutic experience for sick children.

DFAC and the host of the country help to subsidize the costs to bring the divers to each event. We want as many divers as possible to have the opportunity to participate.

The cost include your lodging, boat fees and meals for the days you are participating with DFAC. DFAC also pays for the extra bags that the DFAC team brings on these trips loaded with donated school supplies that we can put right into the hands of the children. Diving For A Cause has received international support.

diving for a cause

Diving For A Cause is a humanitarian non-profit organization created to help children and communities in need all over the world. We are helping to make a difference in the lives of so many children through our passion for spearfishing.