Diving For A Cause has their own Magazine and Children's Storybooks

Click the magazine picture to view our latest edition of DIVE IN Magazine in English or En Español for FREE​. Diving For A Cause has their own children's books, Melbalina the Turtle, follow her adventures in the ocean as she tracks Diving For A Cause traveling the globe.

English version              Spanish version              Melbalina the Turtle        Melbalina in Tonga                      

Thank you Book, Click below to see the book!

This Thank You book for DFAC was created by Shannon Truax and Joungson Kim, participants on DFAC. They asked fellow divers to submit their personal "Thank You to DFAC" and then applied pictures from the DFAC albums. A beautiful gift to DFAC and my deepest appreciation for all the warm comments.

Colleen Gallagher

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