Have you ever thought of combining spearfishing with giving back to the community?


DFAC combines the spirit of "giving back" with ethical spearfishing practices. DFAC sets limits on the harvested fish, so divers may catch only what can be used, avoid endangered or scarce populations, and do not take large breeding fish as trophies.

Community Service

To Do more


How many times have you traveled through communities that inspired you to lend a helping hand ?

In the various countries that DFAC visits, we are inspired by the families we serve. The DFAC team reaches out to help by supplying food, school supplies and lasting community improvements.


How can we do more?


Diving For A Cause is more than just spearfishing and harvesting fish to donate. It is about a lasting gift for the children. Individual backpacks full of books and school supplies are given to each child to enhance educational growth. We reach 100-300 children on every journey. More books are needed on every trip.

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Diving For A Cause 

blends unique community service projects with


spearfishing trips.