DFAC in Italy  OCTOBER 2023 Lake COMO and Florence

DATES: October 8-15, 2023
COST:  DIVERS - $2700 Nondivers $1700

Safely test and improve your freediving limits with a team of Italian free dive instructors right by your side. Enjoy the beauty of Lake Como, free dive apnea training on land and apply those skills diving at the Y40, the largest 42 meter indoor pool. Explore Florence, Italy with your Italian hosts right by your side. Perfect relaxed trip for divers and their non diving partners. 

Nicola Manfredi of Moving Limits and Roberto Pusinelli of Under Training Gym in Switzerland will guide the DFAC team in Italy.

This free dive strengthening and conditioning program is hosted by Level II SSI instructors Nicola Manfredi and Roberto Pusinelli. We begin at Lake Como, Italy where we will team with our Italian friends for three days of expert conditioning on land. 

There are two sessions with Roberto Pusinelli at his gym, Under Training, just cross the border in Switzerland, where we each receive personal one-on-one apnea and strengthening exercises. A perfect opportunity to enhance and improve your breath-hold diving.

Included are two days at the unbelievable Y40, in Montegrotto Terme, Italy, the world's deepest pool at 42 meters. Here, we will have an opportunity to focus on our breath-hold techniques with tips from our instructor Nicola Manfredi of Moving Limits. With both Nicola and Roberto by our side, we can push our safety limits safely with our exceptional Italian freedive instructors.

There is still plenty of time for our group to enjoy a guided hike around Lake Como and the following day, a relaxing and beautiful river boat ride to Bellagio.

On our last two days, we will be off to Florence, Italy for a fun filled adventure with our Italian hosts. After two days in Florence, we will visit Dynamo Camp in Tuscany, Italy and present our donation gift to the school. At the end of the scheduled trip, participants can choose to end with more time in Florence, or explore more of Italy on their own!

This is a very generous subsidized week for 6 participants over 8 days and 7 nights with 4 days of an excellent freediving conditioning and strengthening program.

Included is:

1. Excellent freedive conditioning and strengthening program.

2. Housing for 8 days and 7 nights, 3 nights in Como, 2 nights near the Y40, and 2 nights in Florence.

3. Breakfast is included each day.

4. Costs for the 2 morning sessions of personal one-on-one apnea training with Roberto Pusinelli in his Under Training gym in Switzerland.

5. Costs for the admission for two full days at the Y40 pool training with Nicola Manfredi of Moving Limits and Roberto Pusinelli.

6. Roundtrip transportation from Lake Como to Florence.

7. Our guided hike around Lake Como and boat ride to Bellagio.

8. Our magnificent hosts Nicola Manfredi and Roberto Pusinelli making certain your experience in Italy is unforgettable.

9. DFAC Team shirt, please tell me your size, and a copy of our current DiveIn Magazine.

Not included:

1. Roundtrip airfare to Italy.

2. Additional sightseeing costs are the responsibility of each participant.

3. Lunches and dinners will be as a group but they are each individuals responsibility. There are plenty of local restaurants with meals averaging $27 pp.

Proceeds from the event will be donated to Dynamo Camp in Italy, founded by Paul Newman, which is the only Italian recreational therapy camp for children whose lives are compromised by severe illness. Their mission is to offer these children a period of relaxation and fun at no cost, while developing trust in their abilities and potential. Diving For A Cause is proud to create an unforgettable bond with this organization in Italy.

Non divers are welcomed to join their partners. They can observe the team at the Y40 and participate at Under Training in Switzerland. Then join the group on all the other excursions and activities on the trip for $1700. Please submit Application by April 30, 2022:

Deposit of $1000 is due with the Liability Release and Express Assumption of Risk Form by April 30, 2023.Final Payment of $700 for the non diver and $1700 for the diver is due July 30, 2023

Refund Policy: I understand that Diving For A Cause will incur costs associated with reservations of hotels, Y40, and the Under Training Gym in Switzerland, to facilitate my participation in this event. I further understand that all of these costs are nonrefundable to DFAC. As such, in the event of my cancellation, and if I am unable to get a replacement, I recognize that the fees paid to Diving For A Cause in payment of my participation may be non-refundable. Diving For A Cause will work diligently to find a replacement and work with the participant who had to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances.