DFAC in Italy  September 2022 Lake COMO and Florence

DATES: September 27-October 4, 2022
COST:  DIVERS - $1650 Nondivers $950

I know we all wish to have the skills to dive deeper, have a longer breath-hold, and position ourselves properly in the water to have a relaxed, calm appearance. We want to secure that tuna, wahoo, yellowtail that is darting past us. If you desire to improve your freediving techniques, then why not in Italy with some of the world’s best divers. For the Italians, a shallow dive is 50 feet, and a usual deep dive is 120 feet. For those of us in the U.S. our shallow white seabass dives are 20 feet and tunas and other pelagics we hunt at 40 feet. The goal is not to develop your diving skills to match the Italians, but rather to provide the opportunity to enhance your own personal techniques, side-by-side with these fantastic deep divers, while at the same time safely challenging your limits.

DFAC has been invited for a week in Italy September 2022.  This freedive strengthening and conditioning program is hosted by two excellent SSI instructors from Italy, Nicola Manfredi and Dr. Roberto Pusinelli. We begin at Lake Como, Italy where we will team with our Italian friends for three full days of expert conditioning.

Included are two days at the unbelievable Y-40, in Montegrotto Terme, Italy, the world’s deepest pool at 42 meters. There are two sessions with Dr. Roberto Pusinelli at his gym, UnderTraining, just cross the border in Switzerland, where we each receive personal one-on-one apnea and strengthening exercises. A perfect opportunity to enhance and improve your breath-hold diving.
This is truly a unique experience in a beautiful location in Italy. A portion of the proceeds is being donated to a wonderful organization for children in Tuscany, Italy, DynamoCamp.

The team will begin the week with three full days in Como and Bellagio, where they will focus only on freediving exercises and conditioning. We will still have plenty of time to sightsee and explore Lake Como before the team is off to spend two days at the Y-40 where we will each have an opportunity to focus on our breath-hold technique and push our limits safely with an experienced Italian freedive instructor by our side. In the evening we will relax at the Hotel Splendid in Galzignano.

On our last two days, we will be off to Florence, Italy for a fun-filled adventure with our Italian host and professional English speaking guide. After two days in Florence, we will visit DynamoCamp in Tuscany, Italy and present our donation gift to the school. At the end of the scheduled trip, participants can choose to end with more time in Florence, or explore more of Italy on their own!

Diving For A Cause is welcomed with many opportunities of giving back to the local community. We will not be spearfishing in this event at all, but it will be an amazing freediving experience and fundraiser for Dynamo camp that will personally benefit any diver.

Dynamocamp http://www.dynamocamp.org/en/

Dynamo Camp in Italy was inaugurated in the summer of 2007 and is the only Italian recreational therapy structure intended to host children, whose lives are compromised by illness.Through play and sports activities they experience relaxation, fun and social relations in a protected natural environment. Dynamo Camp is designed for children suffering from serious disease.Their mission is to offer these children a period of relaxation and fun at no cost while developing trust in their abilities and potential. Attendance at the Camp offers them a chance to talk with others in a similar situation, and to live a few carefree moments far from the chores of daily life.It is part of Serious Fun Children’s network, a network of camps active all over the world founded by Paul Newman in 1988.

This is a very generous subsidized week for 8 participants over 8 days and 7 nights with 4  days of an excellent freediving conditioning and strengthening program

Included is:
1. Excellent freedive conditioning and strengthening program hosted by 3 SSI instructors 

2. Housing for 8 days and 7 nights, 3 nights Como, 2 nights near the Y 40, and 2 nights in Florence

3. Breakfast is included each day.

4. Costs for the 2-morning sessions of personal one on one Gym program at Roberto Pusinelli's UnderTraining gym in Switzerland

5. Costs for admission for two full days at the Y-40 pool with private freedive instructors.

6. DFAC Team shirt, please let me know your size 
7. Includes a donation to DynamoCamp, matched by DFAC and our Italian instructors with your name on it.

Not included is:

1. Roundtrip airfare to Italy.

2. The group will share the van rental for the week

3. All sightseeing costs are participants responsibility 

4. Lunches and dinners will be as a group but they are each individuals responsibility. There are plenty of local restaurants with meals averaging $15 pp.

Please submit Application by March 30, 2022

Final group is notified by April 5, 2022

Liability Release and Express Assumption of Risk Form must be submitted with deposit of $900 by April 30, 2022. Nondiver deposit $500

Final balance of $750 is due by July 1, 2022. Nondiver final deposit of $450

Refund Policy

I understand that Diving For A Cause will incur costs associated with lodging, and other accommodations to facilitate my participation in this event. I further understand that all of these costs are nonrefundable to DFAC. As such, in the event of my cancellation, I recognize that any and all fees paid to Diving For A Cause in payment of my participation shall be non-refundable.